A Living Fence: An Ecological Solution

For the past year The Mango Project has been working on planting a Living Fence around the Mango Project Orchard. This fence creates a natural boundary around the orchard to keep out animals and insects that can be dangerous to the beautiful mangos. It also will replace the pole and barbed wire fence installed in 2011. The living fence is the key to a self-sustaining solution that imitates the natural environment. It will be a permanent plant based fence with excellent thorns for keeping hungry goats from eating the growing vegetables and produce while also providing agricultural and biological advantages that a manufactured fence cannot. The living fence will provide a “edge habitat” that supports ecological diversity. As more species (insects, spiders, gnats, fruit flies, snakes, birds and mammals) find food and refuge in the living fence habitat, it can reduce crop-damaging insect populations affecting our beloved Mangos in the 8-acre orchard!  Within the next year the Living Fence will be fully-grown and functioning!

Jeff GayleComment