Biodigester Installed at The Mango Project!

What is a biodigester you ask?

Bio-digester is a revolution in sanitation. In conventional toilets only 30% of human waste is degraded and other 70% remains in the septic tank. In a bio-digester human waste up to 99.9% gets digested by Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum filled in the bio-tank and gets converts into reusable water and methane gas” (RHCF Uganda).

Why a biodigester you ask?

“Disposal of human waste in accordance to other conventional systems leads to ground water contamination and pollution of resource that might cause an epidemic outbreak. Bio-digester provides eco-friendly disposal of human waste. It is maintenance free, efficient without dependent on any energy source and its effluents are odorless” (RHCF Uganda). 

What are the advantages you ask?

-       Less than 30% of conventional septic tank area is sufficient.

-       Completely eliminates need for human intervention for maintenance, as no evacuation is required.

-       More than 99% of pathogens are killed and hence it is hygienic and healthy.

-       More than 99% of waste is decomposed.

-       Low to moderate capital costs; No operating costs.

We are very excited about this biodigester at The Mango Project. Sanitation is a critical aspect of infection and disease control. We are very proud of the ingenuity of the local Mango Project team and the opportunity to partner with other Ugandan organizations.

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Jeff Gayle