The Mango Project Mission Statement

We engage rural Ugandan communities to reduce malnutrition through food preservation and community health education.


People Before Projects

First and foremost, we engage in relationships of mutual trust and common understanding. The Mango Project partners with local community leaders to identify the primary health needs. We work together to create a sustainable, low-cost plan that uses locally available and appropriate resources to help achieve health goals. The Mango Project provides training to leaders to maintain a locally driven project. 

Relationships are foundational. We believe that the strength of the relationship determines the outcome of the project. The Mango Project exists as a partnership between community leaders to allow the sustainability of the project, and more profoundly to create development and economic bonds across ethnic, political, and religious divides.


Health should be a right for all. We believe that communities cannot thrive when they are undermined by malnutrition and preventable disease. As communities identify their greatest health need, we enter into the fight with them.


There is power and dignity in all people. This is lost when dependency prevails. We believe that sustainability is achieved when solutions and resources are locally based. When communities come together to integrate their ideas and invest their own resources, sustainability is possible.