The Mango Project is a development partnership in the West Nile region of Uganda, Africa. The aim of the project is to fight against malnutrition and empower local families by establishing a village to village mango preservation business.

The Mango Project Promotional Video from Lion Project on Vimeo.


Currently, mangos are one of the most prized and delicious produce in the West Nile region, yet trees only produce their nutritious fruit once a year. One mango tree typically produces over 500 mangos that drop to the ground over a very short season of three weeks. Without any means to preserve this valued produce, the majority of the fruit is lost either to animals or simply by rotting on the ground. This is particularly problematic since nutritional deprivation is acute in this part of the world.The Mango Project teaches canning techniques and provides the training and start-up equipment for small businesses with the goal of reducing malnutrition and increasing economic activity.

Partnerships Across Religious Boundaries

In a region where ethnicity and faith often divide communities, the Mango Project is committed to the bilateral support and trust of various ethnic and religious members of the community. The Mango Project has established a partnership across religious boundaries to empower local families with the skills and techniques to preserve clean and nutritious mangos that can be eaten and sold during the dry season when no fruit is harvested or available.


The strength of this project is its low budget and efficacy of partnership fostered through personal relationships with a local Ugandan community leaders dating back to 2003. Through these relationships, and at the request of the local community, The Mango Project was born.